Uzbekistan celebrates Defender of the Motherland Day
22:08 / 2022-01-13

Tashkent hosted a solemn march with the participation of military personnel from ministries and agencies of the Armed Forces system on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Defender of the Motherland Day.

The servicemen overcame a distance of 3,400 meters in combat formation.

This became not only a kind of campaign by soldiers and officers of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among the general public, but also a demonstration of the courage and fighting spirit of the defenders of our Motherland.

Defense of the Motherland is the duty of every citizen. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all our compatriots – from a baker busy with his everyday cares to an employee of a state institution, from our sisters and mothers busy with raising children to hardworking farmers who turn vast fields into orchards and vineyards – in some sense contribute to the defense of the country, its further development and prosperity.

But we call our courageous servicemen the true defenders of the Motherland and the keepers of our peace. As long as we have you, our soldiers, we live under a peaceful sky, we do not worry about our lives, the lives of our relatives and friends, peace and prosperity reign in our homes.

The recent tragic events in the fraternal country made us even more deeply aware of how great and priceless a blessing peace is, how important it is to appreciate and respect the military personnel – our courageous defenders, and in response to their invaluable service to unite even more and live with a sense of confidence in the future.

The participants of the festive military march were solemnly met by their parents and children, representatives of the general public at the Tashkent’s Palace of Arts “Friendship of Peoples”.

An exhibition of military equipment was also held here, which is the guarantor of the strength and power of our Motherland and the tranquility of people.


Tulqin Ruziyev, UzA