Projects for the construction of medical centers presented
22:07 / 2021-11-29

On November 29, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of projects for the construction of medical centers for oncology and endocrinology.

Prevention and treatment of oncological and endocrinological diseases have an important place in the activities of the healthcare system aimed at ensuring a long and high-quality human life, maintaining a healthy gene pool.

Analysis of visits to medical institutions and examinations at places shows an increase in the incidence of diseases in these areas. Meanwhile, the material and technical base of specialized republican centers has ceased to meet the requirements.

In May this year, the Head of the state visited the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology to get acquainted with the state of affairs in the sphere. As a result of the visit on May 27, the President adopted a resolution “On further improving the system of providing hematological and oncological services to the population”. The document provides for new buildings for the Republican Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology.

The design of the facilities was developed taking into account the best practices of foreign clinics. It provides all the conditions for the attending staff and patients. Later, the project was finalized taking into account the opinions and comments made during the presentations.

The new building will have 10 floors and a three-level underground part, in which it is planned to place the departments of radiology and radiation therapy, positron emission tomography, and radioisotope research. The center will provide new treatments such as immunotherapy, targeted therapy, linear accelerator therapy and stereotoxic radiation therapy, radiosurgery. The new building will be located on the territory of the second clinic of Tashkent Medical Academy.

The Republican Medical Center for Endocrinology is one of the scientific and practical institutions with great potential for research, diagnosis and treatment. It has a 288-bed hospital and consultation and diagnostic polyclinic with 250 appointments per day. The current building of the center was built in 1974. Its material and technical base are outdated.

In this regard, it is planned to build a new complex for the institution based on the first clinic of Tashkent Medical Academy. This will improve the conditions of the center and expand the range of services. In particular, if today there are 14 departments in the endocrinology center, 14 more departments will be opened in the new complex.

Having approved the projects, the President noted the need for properly organizing work and focusing on the quality of medical services. Instructions were given on attracting foreign specialists to the centers, retraining doctors based on modern achievements of world medicine, and stimulating scientific research. It was noted that along with the construction of republican centers, it is necessary to improve conditions in regional dispensaries and polyclinics, equip them with modern diagnostic equipment, improve the qualifications of doctors.