President visits Sarkhumdon mahalla
20:03 / 2021-11-23

On November 23, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Sarkhumdon mahalla in Tashkent’s Shaykhontokhur district.

Solving local problems through the activities of ministries and agencies at the grassroots level, the implementation of all programs in the context of mahallas is the main requirement put forward by the Head of the state.

Following this requirement, work has also been organized in Sarkhumdon mahalla. Internal roads and playgrounds have been landscaped. Recently, a new mahalla guzar was built here. Shops and consumer service points, children's and military-patriotic playgrounds are open.

More than 6.5 thousand people live in the mahalla. There are 45 multi-storey houses, a kindergarten and a private school. Local youth and women work in more than ten small enterprises.

The President got acquainted with conditions in the mahalla. During the inspection of the military-patriotic site, recommendations were given on attracting military personnel and athletes here, educating young people in the spirit of national pride and courage.

Within the framework of the Yashil Makon project, trees were planted, and a small square was organized in the mahalla. Shavkat Mirziyoyev together with mahalla elders planted trees in the park. Representatives of the older generation recited the dua with wishes of peace and prosperity to the country.

The Head of the state unexpectedly decided to visit Gulobod mahalla. He got acquainted with local conditions, talking with residents along the way.

93-year-old Anvarkhoja-ota blessed the President. Emphasizing the changes in the mahalla, the aksakal asked to build a teahouse for the elderly. Shavkat Mirziyoyev supported the proposal and wished the venerable elder good health.

There is a children's and youth sports school and secondary school No. 45 in Gulobod mahalla. The President also visited these schools and talked with teachers.

“As you see, we are trying to create conditions for education and teachers. Coming here today, I made a lot of conclusions for myself. We will also renovate the building of this school. There will be good conditions for conducting lessons and doing sports. This day will become historic for you”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The Head of the state talked with residents.