President: Ensuring state sovereignty, inviolability of borders and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan is our sacred duty to history and future generations
19:30 / 2023-01-13

The National Defense Control Center hosted an expanded meeting of the Security Council. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired the meeting.

It was attended by members of the Security Council, the command staff of the Armed Forces, heads of the military administrative sectors, representatives of state and public organizations.

The work carried out in 2022 to strengthen the defense and security of Uzbekistan was analyzed at the meeting.

It was noted that last year the improvement of the command and control system of the Armed Forces, the increase in the combat readiness and moral training of troops, the equipping of units with modern weapons and military equipment continued.

Information and communication systems of all power structures are being consistently integrated into the process of command and control of the Armed Forces. Measures are regularly implemented to improve the protection system of the State Border, to ensure public security. The positive experience of foreign armies is being introduced into the command and control bodies of the Armed Forces and the system of joint training of troops.

The implementation of the principle “The people and the army are united” is yielding results. As a result of the effective work of the military-administrative sectors, the infrastructure of military camps has been completely updated, new training grounds have been built.

The social and legal protection of military personnel has also been strengthened. Last year, more than 3,000 military families were provided with housing. The “Tumaris” badge was established to encourage women in the military. The children of the military entered higher education institutions on a preferential basis, the wives of military personnel and military pensioners are provided with work.

Current issues of the sphere were also discussed at the meeting.

In the context of the current tense geopolitical confrontations, problems in the economic, social, political spheres, information security and other areas are exacerbating. The difficult international situation, the growing challenges and threats to security are also observed in Central Asia.

“We must take into account all these circumstances to preserve our most important wealth – a peaceful life, ensure the well-being of our people and determine our plans for the future”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. – In any situation, we are obliged to ensure state sovereignty, inviolability of borders and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan. This is our sacred duty and obligation to history and future generations.

Based on this, the following priority tasks have been defined.

It was emphasized that, first of all, it is necessary to accelerate the digitalization of the Armed Forces, to unite all the information resources of the ministries and agencies of the sphere into a single secure information space. The National Defense Control Center will be the core of this system.

Instructions were given on improving military education programs taking into account best practices, improving the qualifications of teachers, and creating a Military Engineers School.

The task was set to radically revise the system of organization of mobilization training and territorial defense of the country. The need was noted for improving the skills of the commanding staff in command and control of troops and the use of means.

Recommendations were given on strengthening the moral and combat training of military personnel, instilling a sense of patriotism among young people.

“We don’t need to look for power from outside. We have our glorious history, our rich scientific and cultural heritage, they, as well as the life and activity of our ancestors, are a real model for us”, the Head of state said.

An analysis of armed conflicts of a hybrid nature in the world requires an increase in the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces. Therefore, the importance of providing the national army with modern equipment, including the development of military aviation and the air defense system, was emphasized.

Issues of social protection of servicemen and members of their families were discussed. Instructions were given on the construction of apartment buildings based on mortgages, streamlining the provision of pensions for military personnel, and improving the conditions of military medical institutions.

Members of the Security Council, heads of the military-administrative sectors delivered speeches at the meeting. Measures have been defined to further strengthen the defense capability of the country.

Following his speech, the President congratulated all the military personnel and the people of the country on the 31st anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Defenders of the Motherland Day.