Ipoteka Bank supports the development of fish farming
17:00 / 2021-07-19

Large-scale activity is being carried out in Uzbekistan to accelerate the development of fish farming, to introduce modern innovative methods for the production of fish products.

Commercial banks, in particular JSCB Ipoteka Bank, provide financial support to projects of initiative business entities in this direction.

During a press tour to Tashkent region organized for journalists and bloggers, an acquaintance with the activities of specialized fish farming enterprises took place.

Over 3,800 economic entities are engaged in fish farming in Uzbekistan. More than 3 thousand are rendered services by branches of Ipoteka Bank. In particular, in 2017-2020, the bank allocated 1 billion 728.2 million UZS of loans for 3,273 projects in the fishing industry, as a result of which 6,748 people were employed.

About 500 fish farms in Tashkent region grow fish.

Ipoteka Bank has allocated more than 10 billion UZS of credit for the implementation of the project of Saidovul farm. The total cost of the project is 17.2 billion UZS, of which 10.7 billion UZS are allocated bank loans, 4.1 billion UZS are leasing services.


Cage farming has its advantages. This method shows high efficiency in natural reservoirs.

“Additional land plots and water resources are not required to apply this method”, says Sanjar Salomov, Head of Jakhongir Agro Business farm. – The feeding of the fish is easy to control, but the water level should be monitored at all times. The cage method allows to grow of up to 200 kilograms of fish.

The aforementioned fish farms, which have been breeding fish since 2018, have set up cages in the reservoir. 

The journalists visited LLC Golden Fish Group in Urtachirchik district. The head of the enterprise, Sergey Lagutin, told reporters and bloggers about the unique types of fish farmed and the activities of the enterprise.

Mainly sturgeon, salmon and trout are raised here using the intensive method and recirculation system. The bank allocated a loan for more than 33 billion UZS for the financial support of the enterprise.

The journalists talked with experts and received detailed information about the fish farming process.

A. Musayev, photos by O. Gulomov, UzA