Head of the State News Agency of Turkmenistan visits UzA
15:21 / 2023-11-09

Tashkent hosts the 16th Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization.

This time, along with many prestigious foreign guests, media representatives from member countries of the organization arrived in Uzbekistan.

One is the Chairman of the State News Agency of Turkmenistan Merdan Gazakbaev, who visited Uzbekistan National News Agency.

During the conversation between the heads of the leading news agencies of the two countries, it was noted that efforts to further strengthen the mutual strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan continue. The guest was informed about the positive changes in the media space and transformations in various areas of the country. It was noted that ties between the Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan people, especially in culture, art, and information exchange, are rapidly developing. The importance of regular exchange of information regarding reforms being implemented in both countries was emphasized.

Merdan Gazakbaev noted that the Turkmenistan agency is interested in establishing regular ties with UzA.

The parties agreed that it would be advisable to expand the scope of information exchange between the two agencies and systematically improve employees’ experience and qualifications.

– Relations between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are developing rapidly, – says Merdan Gazakbaev. – As a result of mutual official visits of the leaders of both countries, the strategic partnership is strengthening. Uzbekistan Culture Days were held in Turkmenistan, and the Turkmen Culture Days were held in Uzbekistan. We can say that these events brought our people even closer together. When conveying information about important events in our countries, it is essential to be objective. Taking this opportunity, we wish the brotherly Uzbek people peace, prosperity, and your country further development.

The State News Agency of Turkmenistan, the leading official news agency of the country, regularly publishes on its website news about the life of Uzbekistan as part of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Utkir Alimov, photo by Muradkhan Khojayev, UzA