Geographical indications: Margilan atlas, adras, Kokand knives are registered
10:07 / 2023-02-03

Probably, the phrase “geographical indications” can be somewhat misleading. Let's start with this.

When it comes to an object or phenomenon, one immediately remembers the place where it comes from. If we talk about pottery, then we remember about Rishtan artisans, about grapes in Oltiariq district or its magnificent vineyards. “Geographical indications” is exactly what it is. They explain the essence of words. A sign that connects a certain object or event with the place of its production, or occurrence.

The development of legal relations regarding intangible heritage in Uzbekistan has gained a more active pace in recent years. The measures being implemented to develop the sphere of intellectual property are reflected in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Geographical Indications” of March 3, 2022.

With the support of the Justice Department of Fergana region, the Margilan atlas and adras, Kokand knives were one of the first in Uzbekistan to be registered as geographical indications. This practice is used for the first time in Uzbekistan.

The question arises “What will the official registration bring to Margilan and Kokand, as well as to the entrepreneurs of the region, and what does it matter?”.

“The essence of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Geographical Indications” is explained to entrepreneurs”, says Umidjon Nazirov, Chief Consultant of the Justice Department of Fergana region. – Margilan fabrics atlas and adras, Kokand knives ensure the stability of the quality of products exported to foreign countries, the stability of sales. This allows taking action against those who use the brand without obtaining permission or produce a fake.

In general, product registration provides advantages in competition and production. It serves to expand export opportunities, strengthen the brand. If the products are not registered, they cannot count on state protection, it will be impossible to fight fakes.

M. Sulaymonov, UzA