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05.09.2014 19:07

World Tourism Organization to Hold Its Session in Samarkand

The 99th session of the Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is to take place in Samarkand on October 1-3.

The event is organized in accordance with President Islam Karimov’s resolution signed 1 August and is expected to have the participation of officials of prominent international tourism organizations, specialists of academic centers and institutions, experts from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

Our country wields enormous potential in the sphere of tourism. Special attention is paid under the leadership of the head of our state to the effective use of that potential and the promotion of travel industry. The picturesque nature, shrines, unique architectural and cultural monuments of our country have been attracting the growing number of tourists from around the world. The robust peace and stability, the atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony in our nation, the famed Uzbek hospitality, as well as modern hotels, recreation sites, and the high quality services are conducive for a meaningful leisure.

Many types of tourism have been developing today in Uzbekistan, including the ecological, geological, extreme, medical and cultural tourism, travel on horse, camel, car, along with alpinism, fishing and rafting. More than 900 tour enterprises operate currently in our country.

New tour routes are being elaborated, modern train stations and airports are being built, and transport communications are being perfected, all this facilitating the steadfast growth in the number of tourists arriving in Uzbekistan, the development of internal tourism, creation of new jobs and elevation of the wellbeing of the population.

Uzbekistan acceded to the World Tourism Organization in 1993. Samarkand houses a regional office of the organization for the coordination of development of tourism on the Great Silk Road.

At the General Assembly of the organization that took place in October 2011 in South Korea, the Republic of Uzbekistan was elected for the second time as member of the Executive Council of the UNWTO, a privilege few countries can boast. Therefore, and in order to popularize our rich historical-cultural heritage and the development of the tourism industry in the country, it was decided to hold the 99thsession of the Executive Council of the UNWTO in Samarkand in October 2014. This is a bright manifestation of the consistently growing standing of Uzbekistan in the international arena and the acknowledgement of the tremendous tourism potential of our country.

Uzbekistan ranks among the top ten nations of the world leading in the scale of tourism and the number of historical monuments. More than 4 thousand historical and cultural monuments exist in our country. The cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shahrisabz are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is no accidental that the 99th session of the Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization is to be held in Samarkand. This ancient and the eternally young city, called by right as the adornment of the Earth and the pearl of the East, has from the antiquity been a center of science, trade and craftsmanship. In the independence years, wide-ranging construction and restoration works have been undertaken under the leadership of President Islam Karimov. The Registan Complex, the mausoleums of Amir Temur and Ruhobod, the Shahi Zinda Complex, the mosques Hazrati Hizr and Bibikhanum and the Ulugbek Observatory have been reconstructed. Numerous gardens and alleys have been laid in areas adjacent to them. These monuments, the wealth of not only our people, but also the entire humankind, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001.

The extensive tourism opportunities of Samarkand are effectively used for the employment of population and for bolstering the economy of the city. In excess of 100 tour agencies and around 100 hotels currently operate here.

The international forum will facilitate the familiarization of the world public with the immense potential of our country in the sphere of tourism, the further consolidation and enhancement of cooperation with tour companies abroad. The session is to allow the leading experts of the world to exchange expertise and views on the current state and prospects of the international travel market, discuss new trends and pressing issues in the sphere and demonstrate new opportunities.

Issues concerning an even more extensive attraction of tourists into our country and the development of international cooperation are to be discussed with the participation of foreign specialists as part of the occasion.

The session participants will be familiarized with films and videos narrating the rich historical and cultural heritage, the picturesque nature and travel infrastructure of Uzbekistan. They will have an opportunity to visit the historic, scientific and cultural monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara and will witness the ingenious and beautification works carried out here.

A special page for this international forum is launched on the website of the United Nations World Tourism Organization at www.unwto.org.

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