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07.06.2017 10:20

Tourism is a factor in economic development

Tourism is a factor in economic development Special attention is being paid to further developing this country’s tourism industry, improving the quality and efficiency of services and increasing the number of foreign tourists coming to this country.

A law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on tourism and a Presidential decree dated 2 December 2016 on measures to ensure the rapid development of Uzbekistan’s tourism sphere are important programme documents in this area.

In Qashqadaryo Region, too, special attention is given to the implementation of these documents. Large-scale work is being carried out in this region on drawing up a whole blueprint for the further development of tourism and on creating new tourism products here.

Widely using international experience, arranging new tourism areas and working out national and local programmes for the development of internal and external tourism are of important significance to the development of this sphere.

Tourism is a factor in economic development

“Our region has great potential for tourism development. This region’s cultural heritage is rich, and there are sacred places and ancient shrines here,” says Otabek Olimjonov, an authorised representative of the Uzbekistan state tourism development committee in Qashqadaryo Region.

Many promising projects for the further development of tourism are to be implemented.

The “Village Eco Park” complex being built in Shahrisabz District is of important significance to the development of eco-tourism. This project will include a hotel, a restaurant, a café, sports fields and attractions. This complex is to be put into use in the year 2018.

Consistent work is being carried out in the region to rationally use tourism resources, to increase services and to improve their quality so that they meet the requirements of the modern era. Thanks to opportunities and privileges created by the state, there are 30 hotels working in Qashqadaryo Region. Their material-technical base is being strengthened with every passing year, and wide opportunities are opening up for them to provide high quality services.

In Qashqadaryo Region, under the 2017-2018 programme for the comprehensive development of tourism, the number of hotels there is to reach 45.

All these will serve to increase the number of tourists coming to the region and most importantly to ensure people’s employment, and more and more tourists, historians and pilgrims will visit Qashqadaryo Region in future.

Olmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norqobilov, UzA
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