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02.10.2014 14:09

The Thriving Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan

The United Nations World Tourist Organization (UNWTO) has commenced its Executive Council Ninety-ninth Session in Samarkand.

The international forum is attended by representatives of UNWTO member nations, specialists from dozens of countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand among others, along with leaders of international travel organizations and experts.

UzA reporters have talked with some of the participants of the international event.

Georgina Tatiana Visentin, Assistant of Argentine Minister of Tourism:

“I have witnessed with my own eyes that Uzbekistan is a beautiful and modern country, a comfortable place to live. The broad clean streets, and especially the friendly and hospitable people, have left a great impression on me. Worth noting is the fact that a great significance is attached in this country to the development of services and tourism.

“The efforts of Uzbekistan designed to shore up the infrastructure of cities, travel industry and cultural sphere deserve a high appraisal. I have been to many countries around the world, but never met so hospitable a people like the one of Uzbekistan.

“I am glad to be honored to see Samarkand – called the Pearl of the East by right – owing to the forum. The harmonious combination of ancient architectural monuments with modern buildings and facilities affords the city an exceptional charm.”

Nobue Shindo, chief executive officer of Intourist, Japan:

“It is pleasing to see the wide-ranging reforms carried out in Uzbekistan to promote tourism and services sector, and the scales of endeavors in this direction are widening. The influx of tourists and their reception, accommodation and organization of excursions for them is established at a high level.

“I would like to note especially the steadfast advancement of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan in tourism. There are many in Japan desiring to travel to Uzbekistan. After all, this country has unique historic monuments, extensive travel potential and capacities that meet the wishes of any tourist.

“The system of transport communications established in this country offers far-reaching opportunities for travelers. The high-speed electric train Afrosiyab is rather suggestive in this sense.”

Noviendi Makalam, director of the department for international ties at Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Economy:

“The tremendous tourist potential of Uzbekistan is renowned in the world. I have dreamt for long to see this country and its ancient and modern cities. I am glad that my dream has come true. Everywhere you can witness the considerable effects of wide-scale reforms in the development of travel industry. Without any doubt, there are many people in the world who wish to see such an eye-pleasing country and visit this blessed land.

“We are glad that the session of the Executive Council of the UN World Tourism Organization is held in this very Samarkand, one of the beautiful and inimitable cities of Uzbekistan that is famous to the entire world. The eminent forum will facilitate the further advancement of Uzbekistan’s tourism industry.”

Prem Ahluwalia (India), representative of the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association, Director of the Institute for South Asian Women:

“My trip to Uzbekistan is packed with exciting travels. In the past, I heard and read much about the tourist potential of Uzbekistan. And now, having witnessed it on my own, having talked with hospitable people, my heart is full of joy and admiration. Uzbekistan has all the capacities and conditions for an excellent leisure of tourists.

“I like historical and cultural aspects in the sphere of tourism. Therefore I am glad to have a chance to see Samarkand, Bukhara and get familiar with the unique architectural monuments of these cities, with the customs and traditions of the Uzbek people.”

Iroda Umarova, Nodira Manzurova, UzA
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