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11.07.2018 10:25

State bodies to develop new types of entry visas for tourists

Relevant ministries and agencies are instructed to make proposals on introduction of additional visa regimes until October 1, 2018, by the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On further measures of optimizing the order of entry of foreign citizens into the Republic of Uzbekistan» for various categories of foreign citizens, visiting the Republic of Uzbekistan (Silk road – for tourists traveling through countries of the Silk Road with the possibility of recognition of visa marks of other countries, Vatandosh – five-year visa for Uzbekistan’s population and their family members, Golden visa – ten-year visa for large foreign investors).

Effective implementation of the resolution will contribute to further growth of inbound, including transit and stopover (with a short-term stop at transfer point for more than 24 hours) tourism in Uzbekistan, and multiplier effect of tourism will serve to improvement of employment, production and export, as well as growth of investments in the country's economy.

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