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11.07.2018 12:44

New standard – the requirement to classifying hotels

The State Unitary Enterprise “The Center for Certification of Tourism Services” of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development has developed the state standard of the Republic of Uzbekistan O’zDSt 3296:2018 “Tourism services. Hotels and similar accommodation facilities. Classification system”.

When developing the standard, the current norms and standards of the CIS countries, Europe and Turkey were analyzed. Based on this analysis, the requirements were added to the standard from classification of countries of Europe (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and others), Turkey and the Russian Federation. The requirements of these countries are based on the level of infrastructure development (readiness of hotel services) and the needs of the hotel services market, as well as proposals of interested parties.

According to the State Committee for Tourism Development, the standard establishes requirements for the adjacent territory, buildings, premises, rooms, technical equipment, personnel, sanitary and hygienic equipment of rooms, information support, services, public accommodation facilities.

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