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Mysterious places of Uzbekistan: Kiev Cave in Samarkand

Mysterious places of Uzbekistan: Kiev Cave in Samarkand
Samarkand is one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, located at the Great Silk Road crossroads. This city is full of secrets and mystical places that have remained unknown to mankind for centuries.

Kiev Cave is located in Urgut district of Samarkand region, near Kamangaran village in Kyrktau area (Zarafshan ridge).

The cave was discovered in 1972 by speleologists of Kiev Section of Speleotourism and Laboratory of Speleological Research.

The cave consists of alternating vertical shafts with a depth of 20-95 meters and sloping slit-like galleries with a length of 30-50 meters. The air temperature is 4-5°C.

According to the State Committee for Tourism Development, a permanent watercourse begins from a depth of 100 meters, forming a chain of flowing lakes up to 1.7 meters deep. The water temperature is about 3°C.

The cave ends in a lake almost 10 meters deep. Attempts to scuba dive below this mark were not successful, it was impossible to squeeze deep through narrow cracks.

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