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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Mountain tourism clusters will appear in Surkhandarya

Majestic mountain peaks, picturesque nature, luxurious waterfalls, transparent and healing springs of Surkhandarya region are able to charm anyone. Therefore, today the development of mountain and ecological tourism in this region is of increasing importance.

It is planned to organize three mountain tourism clusters for effectively using such huge potential of the region in its southern districts. It is envisaged to establish activities of Baysun mountain cluster, covering the territories of Omonkhona and Darband villages of Baysun district, as well as the mountain area Zovboshi; Sariasiya mountain cluster, which will include the slopes of the mountain system Honjiza of Sariasiya and Uzun districts, as well as the territory of Sangardak village of Sariasiya district; Sherabad mountain cluster, which will cover beautiful countryside of Shalkon village, the territory around the salt deposit Khujaikon, as well as pomegranate and other fruit gardens.

New hotels, cultural, recreational, shopping, entertainment and other tourism facilities will be built in new small tourism zones of the region. A modern engineering infrastructure will be built. All this will not only increase the tourism potential of the region, but will also help to solve the issue of employment of the population.