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15.03.2019 11:31

MICE tourist destination opens in Kashkadarya region under Festivals City brand

MICE tourist destination opens in Kashkadarya region under Festivals City brand
Ethno-tourism direction will be organized in Gilan and lake villages, in each of which five guest houses will be built. The main advantage of a two-star house is its low cost and the way to make foreign guests feel comfortable. A further increase in the number of households creates healthy competition.

In addition, agrotourism will be created in the villages of Varganza and Bashir of Kashkadarya for guests wishing to become acquainted with rural life. It is also planned to organize Anor Festival within the framework of agrotourism in order to acquaint tourists with the gardening of these villages, in particular the cultivation of world-famous Varganza pomegranates.

Due to the natural conditions and possibilities of Kashkadarya oasis, extreme tourism events will be organized in the villages of Tatar, Zarmast and Vari. 10 villages, 5 campgrounds and 5 guest houses will be built in these villages to give more impressions to lovers of extreme tourism.

The life, history and associated legends of Amir Temur are a mystery to foreign tourists. Undoubtedly, the creation of a military training ground for Ethno-Tamerlan-Amir Temur militants, who will now return to this period, will raise the country’s tourism potential to a higher level.

The opening of the MICE tourist destination gave the ancient city of Shakhrisabz the status of the City of Festivals – the birthplace of the great ancestor Amir Temur. Now more than a dozen festivals are regularly held in this city.

These are the International Folk Festival, the heritage of Amir Temur and the history of Cretan scientists, the Shahrisabz Artisans Festival, the Shakhrisabz Musical Dance Festival, the Gissar Mountains Eco Festival, Theater Walking, the Maqom Performances Festival, the Memory Festival, Foreign Film Days, the National Chess Tournaments, the Koggi National Games and many others.

As reported by the Press Service of the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ecological tourism in Sarchashma and Suvtushar villages, astronomical tourism directions are created in the territory of the space station “Book”.

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