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15.08.2018 19:34

Jiangsu province delegation visits Uzbekistan

A meeting with the delegation from Chinese province of Jiangsu, the population of which is 80 million, was held at the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development.

Acting First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development U.Kasimkhodjayev met with the Chinese delegation.

As reported by the Press Service of the Committee, the sides discussed cooperation and ways of promoting Uzbekistan as a tourism zone not only for the residents of Jiangsu, but also for all residents of China.

Guests shared their 40-year experience of turning Jiangsu province into an attractive region for tourists, and told about specifics of marketing in tourism in China.

U.Kasimkhodjayev presented guests from China a document on advantages of Uzbekistan for investors and did not forget to mention that the tourism industry is open for transparent and profitable business relations.

Guests from China noted some similarity of mentality of China and Uzbekistan people and promised to support the advancement of the country in China.

It is worth noting that tourism development is of great importance for the economy. The head of the Chinese delegation mentioned that only tourism brings 1 trillion yuan per year, which is 145,435,437,108,09 US dollars, to Jiangsu province.

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