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03.05.2018 08:59

Japanese media to tell about Fergana

Japanese media to tell about Fergana Japanese delegation from the leading media representatives (Sankei Shimbun, Tokyo Shimbun, The SekaiNippo and Sunday SekaiNippo, Hokkaido Broadcasting) and tour companies stayed in Fergana region, from April 28 to 29. They got acquainted with tourism potential of the region and filmed the main tourist routes of the region.
Japanese media to tell about Fergana

Foreign guests visited a number of attractions, including the Khudoyarkhan Palace, the Jami mosque, and the Norbutabiy madrassah in Kokand. They also visited Japanese cemetery, where the ceremony of worship of the buried Japanese prisoners of war was traditionally held. The group met with famous ceramist A.Nazirov in Rishtan. Students from Rishtan Japanese center showed the guests the skills of learning Japanese language with their bright performances, which, of course, pleased the guests. In the so-called "Silk Capital", the process of filming Uzbek fabrics at "Yodgorlik" factory, as well as in the center of handicrafts – the madrassah "Said Ahmadkhuja" was conducted. Guests visited the same-named complex in the native city of the eastern scholar Ahmad al-Ferghani.

Japanese media to tell about Fergana

The info tour will surely find a positive response and will favorably affect the development of inbound tourism in Fergana region. By covering the tourism potential of the region in the Japanese media, an increase in the tourist flow and an increased interest from the Japanese side are expected.

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