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25.08.2018 14:55

Diplomat Magazine: 10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan

In order to further popularize the tourism potential of Uzbekistan in Benelux countries, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels published an article on “10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan promises to turn into one of the centers of world tourism in the coming years”, in Diplomat Magazine.

As reported by the Press Service of the State Committee for Tourism Development, the article explores the historical and cultural potential of the country, the possibilities of ethnic, eco, business and medical tourism. In addition, for leisure Uzbekistan offers a full range of entertainment as the mountain peaks of Chimgan, Charvak reservoir, the Nurata Mountains. As well as in the article it is noted that in the cities of Uzbekistan it is possible to purchase handmade products made by artisans. At the end of the article, the opportunity to receive an e-visa through a simplified procedure is emphasized.

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