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12.03.2018 09:29

Delegation of the Russian Jewish Congress visits Uzbekistan

A significant event in the city of Bukhara became the arrival of the delegation of the Russian Jewish Congress, which included about 50 people. It became a pleasant surprise that a well-known and beloved actor and TV presenter, member of the Russian Jewish Congress Leonid Yakubovich is among the guests.

According to the State Committee on Development of Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the first point of the guests’ visit was the regional center of youth, where once Vladimir Vysotsky gave a concert. Here they met with the khokim of the city Karim Kamalov. During the conversation, the head of the city administration told about Bukhara, its historical significance today, shared plans on turning the city into one of the centers of world tourism. It was also noted that from time immemorial, hundreds of thousands of Jews lived on our land who side by side, lived peacefully and worked with representatives of other nationalities shoulder to shoulder. To date, 500 Jews are living in the region. The head of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yury Kanner, in his turn, highly appreciated the activity implemented in the tourism industry in Bukhara, calling the city one of the “capitals of the world”, as well as shared his first impressions of the ancient historical monuments and sights of the city.

– It is very pleasant that Uzbekistan pays special attention to preservation of customs and traditions. Our people have much in common, – says the director of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yury Kanner. – Perhaps this contributed to our centuries-old friendship. Undoubtedly, we are glad that Jewish community and 2 synagogues, as well as a Jewish school with more than 200 children are still operating in Bukhara. This means only one thing – Uzbek-Jewish relations will be further strengthened.

Then the guests were shown the very hall, on the stage of which Vladimir Vysotsky performed many years ago. Leonid Yakubovich even wanted to go up on it, to feel the atmosphere. Then he shared his impressions.

– Having faith is important, whichever religion a person confesses, – the well-known TV presenter admitted. – I was in Bukhara many years ago, and in your city I was delighted that you have preserved monuments that are hundreds, thousands of years old, almost in its original form. And this, I believe, you managed to make thanks to your faith, which illuminates souls and hearts, like a lighthouse.

It is important to emphasize that the Congress annually chooses for the trip a country where representatives of Jewish nationality live, and this time their choice fell on Uzbekistan. The delegation visited Samarkand, where they also got acquainted with the life of the Jewish community. The visit of the delegation of the Russian Jewish Congress to Uzbekistan continues.

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