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09.05.2018 19:48

Communication with the future

International seminar on “Communication with the future: The role of media in promoting cultural heritage” was organized and is being held in Uzbekistan in cooperation with Radio-Television Supreme Council of Turkey (RTUK).

70 foreign delegates from 20 countries of the world arrived in Uzbekistan to participate in this seminar. The event is being attended by representatives from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Palestine and Uzbekistan.

On the first day of its stay in Uzbekistan, the RTUK delegation was received by the National Television and Radio Company “O’zbekiston”. The sides held negotiations on issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of mass communications and exchanged views on development of television and radio broadcasting and the mass media in the era of digital technologies. Participants of the international seminar also visited the office of TIKA and the Embassy of Turkey in Uzbekistan, traveled to Bukhara.

Currently, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Turkey is planning a number of other projects on “congress tourism”, including the annual international symposium of historiographers in Uzbekistan, the annual conference of the scientific journal “Turkish Studies”, the annual seminar of cultural studies of Turkey, etc. The diplomatic mission sincerely hopes that these projects will also contribute to the development of not only the tourism industry of Uzbekistan, but also the country’s international relations in these spheres.

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