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13.02.2019 22:43

Bukhara to host international forum

Bukhara to host international forum
On February 21-23, Bukhara will host the first International Forum on Pilgrimage Tourism.

At present, organizational work is being carried out according to the plan of concrete measures for preparation and holding this international forum.

Presentations of the country’s tourism potential, opportunities for pilgrimage tourism, projects and success achieved in recent years as a result of attracting investment and supporting business activities will be held at the forum. In addition, the experience of foreign countries in development of pilgrimage tourism will be considered.

Within the framework of the forum, exhibitions will be organized on development of new directions in tourism, formation of interesting tourism products, negotiations will be held for expanding cooperation with foreign guests and entrepreneurs.

Over 100 representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nigeria, Russia, India, Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, South Africa, as well as a number of international organizations are expected to attend this prestigious forum. Among them are specialists of the industry, representatives of travel companies, scientists and others.

The program of the forum also includes familiarizing its participants with ancient architectural monuments of Bukhara.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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