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Samarkand Hosts World Tourism Forum

03.10.14 19:07

Samarkand Hosts World Tourism Forum

On October 2, the Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) started its ninety-ninth session in Samarkand’s Forumlar Majmuasi Complex. 

The Thriving Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan

02.10.14 14:09

The Thriving Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan

The United Nations World Tourist Organization (UNWTO) has commenced its Executive Council Ninety-ninth Session in Samarkand. UzA reporters have talked with some of the participants of the international event.

Holidays Do for Such a Country

27.08.14 16:05

Holidays Do for Such a Country

These days, amid the energetic preparations for the 23rd anniversary of our Motherland’s independence, the inflow of foreign tourists coming to Uzbekistan has been growing considerably. 

Traveling Along the Cities of the Native Land

12.08.14 17:44

Traveling Along the Cities of the Native Land

We arrange our traditional meetings of same-year-student fellows every time in different cities. That allows us to not only meet and socialize, but also learn our native country better. This time around, we gathered in Samarkand. 

The Ancient Khiva on Euronews TV Channel

27.12.13 14:18

The Euronews TV channel has been airing a series of broadcasts entitled “Uzbekistan Life” narrating the rich history, cultural heritage and tourist infrastructure of our country.

The Modern Appearance of the Ancient Fortress

08.10.13 10:58

Wide-ranging beautification and overhaul efforts have been in progress at the fortress of Suleymankala, whose history amounts to three thousand years, in the Hazarasp district of Khorezm region. 

Tourism: Opportunities and Results

05.07.13 9:05

A meeting, dedicated to implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On tourism", as well as the tasks of local councils of people's deputies on developing tourism potential of the region was held in Samarkand.

Dreams Come True: A Trip to Samarkand

14.05.13 17:19

Our country’s ancient and eternally young cities, this land’s unique nature and rich culture have been attracting the mounting numbers of tourists from across the globe.

Sarmishsay poised to welcome guests

27.04.13 10:06

Final preparations are underway for the sixth Asrlar sadosi (the Echo of Centuries) festival of traditional culture, to be held May 4-5 in the Sarmishsay gorge  in Navbakhor district of Navoi region.

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