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16.01.2018 17:15

“Uzbektelecom” to reduce the cost of traffic

Further development of domestic segment of the Internet, creation of favorable conditions for expansion of local e-commerce require increasing the availability of high-speed broadband Internet and reducing prices for Internet traffic.

According to JSC “Uzbektelecom”, a number of important factors play a significant role in formation of prices for the use of the Internet. First of all, in order to satisfy the needs of local subscribers in obtaining qualitative Internet, the national operator buys additional capacities from telecom operators in the international market, wherein the communication channel passes at least two boundaries. As a result, the cost of Internet services is significantly increasing. In this connection, JSC “Uzbektelecom” is considering the possibility of opening its own reserve communication channels to the world’s largest suppliers located in Frankfurt (Germany) and Hong Kong (China) in order to increase the fault tolerance of access to the network.

It should be noted that in foreign countries, localization of Internet traffic in the territory of the country is at least 60 percent, while in Uzbekistan it is only 19 percent. In this connection, JSC “Uzbektelecom” plans to localize popular world Internet resources and portals. Activity is being held on creating conditions for development of qualitative national content. The company is developing projects aimed at enhancing the role of national content. For example, a peering center is being created, which will address issues of organizing communication with these resources.

JSC “Uzbektelecom” has clear plans on reducing prices in 2018 and is constantly negotiating with international operators on optimization of rental prices for international channels, accordingly, revising Internet tariffs downwards.

Roman Bondarchuk, UzA
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