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23.09.2014 16:26

Software Industry Forum and Exposition

Software Industry Forum and Exposition Opening ceremony of initial events of the InfoCOM 2014 ICT Week, a forum of Uzbekistan’s programmers, and the BestSoft Uzbekistan 2014, a national exposition of software products, has taken place at the Palace of Youth Creativity.

At the ceremony, the first deputy chairman of the State Committee for Communication, Information and Telecommunications Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan Alisher Faizullaev and other noted that the steady and dynamic advancement of the local software industry serves as bedrock for an extensive introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) to all sectors of economy and public life of the country. Of special significance in the promotion of software innovation is the resolution of President Islam Karimov on measures to further reinforce the stimulation of domestic developers of software, signed 20 September 2013.

The annual Forum of Programmers of Uzbekistan and the national exposition of software products BestSoft Uzbekistan constitute a platform for the demonstration of achievements in the local software industry.

The forum program included the discussion of the most pressing issues in the contemporary development phase of ICT in the country, notably, preferences and privileges for national software engineers, current services of the portal software.uz designed to support local programmers, protect their property rights and peculiarities of the process of testing software, promote mobile banking system and others.

A special topic for discussion was the introduction to the Law on Informatization of the notion of blogger – an actor of the worldwide information network who posts public-access information on the socio-political, socio-economic and other nature on his/her website.

“The evolution of the information and communication environment of our country has been reflected also in the development of blogosphere,” says the lawyer and blogger Hushnudbek Khudaiberdiev. “People of various occupations open their own personal pages where they post their thoughts on the most diverse issues in the socio-political life, sports, cookery, literature and arts. Creation and fixation of normative foundations of this trend has become a rather important phase in the evolution of blogosphere.”

The forum has been held in parallel with Central Asia’s biggest exhibition of software – BestSoft Uzbekistan 2014. It has introduced the wider public and specialists in the field of information technologies to practice in the creation and application of software products in Uzbekistan and the prospects of the national software industry.

At the exhibition, more than forty exponents displayed their innovations designed for the most diverse of spheres and sectors. Thus, the Center for the Development of Multimedia General Education Programs under the Ministry of Public Education has presented a number of electronic education resources, a distance learning system, as well as interactive games for schoolchildren. The Center has created electronic forms of school textbooks in seven languages, which can be accessed through the internet.

Projects of Mednetsoft Co., Ltd. cover extensive medical themes, ranging from healthy lifestyle and vaccination to websites dealing with heavy diseases and traumatology. The most interesting among the innovations of the company’s programmers is uzmedexpo.uz – a virtual exposition center of the sphere of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. As the director of the firm Emil Valitov has explained, the project is 3D, that is, a three-dimension model of an ordinary exhibition. It is designed to simplify the interaction of manufacturers of medical equipment and machinery, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions.

The private enterprise Fortek takes part in the exposition with its soft VEGA ERP, a system of planning the resource of the enterprise. According to the company’s manager Ekaterina Noskova, the system helps with the administration of production and trading enterprises, including the production planning and budget distribution, work with customers and sales of goods.

“Our company presents several software products to simplify the administration of the production process,” says Azimjon Paiziev, manager of Newmax Technologies Co., Ltd. “One of them is the system BioTrack that allows for the account of working hours of staff members, for oversight of the effectiveness of their work and optimization of it. Our soft is used by over fifty companies, and their results satisfy them, i.e. the work productivity has been growing and the working hours are distributed perfectly. We have been working constantly on the perfection of the software.”

Also, undergraduates and graduate students of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies have become active participants of the exposition. They have presented a number of their innovations, like a multimedia electronic English textbook for junior schoolchildren, an interactive dictionary – attachment for smartphones working on the android platform, teaching programs in software engineering, among others. Innovations of young software programmers stirred a keen interest of other participants of the exhibition.

Master classes, presentations and education seminars were held as part of the exposition.

Babur Abidov, photo by Otabek Mirsagatov, UzA
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