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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Internet-Free Day

On the last Sunday of January, the world community will celebrate two events connected with IT sector: International Internet-Free Day and International Day of Personal Data Protection. Events and promotions will be held on this day worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of people will voluntarily refuse the use of the Internet.

International Internet-Free Day is celebrated annually with the aim to completely distract people from computers and global network to at least one day, to live exclusively in the real world, communicating with other people or engaging in a favorite hobby. Its history dates back to the early 2000s, and its initiator, according to some information, is the British Institute for social inventions, and to other – British non-profit online project “”. The only thing that we certainly know is that active, advanced Internet users have become organizers of the International Internet-Free Day.

Data Protection Day has more official status and it is celebrated on 28 January since 2007. It was established to ensure that network users do not forget about compliance with rules of online behavior, which helps to protect their virtual and real life. The decision to celebrate this date was adopted on 26 April 2006 by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Participation in all events dedicated to celebration of this day is completely voluntary. Everyone can decide whether to deprive themselves of Internet access on that day or not.