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03.06.2016 11:34

Innovations are a requirement of the times

A conference has been held in our capital city on modern computer and network technologies. Scientists, specialists, producers of tools and component parts for computers and servers, employees of ministries and departments and representatives of small business and private entrepreneurship entities attended the conference.

At the event, a new system that transforms from one mode to another was presented. This system which incorporates the advantages of a laptop computer and a tablet computer switches from one mode to the other through its touchscreen display. Also, there was a presentation of a new technology that makes it possible to carry out computer data exchanges a thousand times faster.

Moreover, an exhibition of modern computer equipment, component parts and educational computer games was arranged.

At the event, there was an exchange of views on prospects for widely introducing modern computer and network technologies in various spheres.

Roman Bondarchuk, UzA
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