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24.09.2014 12:53

ICT National Summit

ICT National Summit

The ICT Summit 2014, an annual national meeting on information and communication technologies, has taken place in Tashkent.

It is the most important event of the InfoCOM-2014 ICT Week and a crucial occasion in Uzbekistan’s ICT sector.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the State Committee for Communication, Information and Telecommunication Technologies Hurshid Mirzahidov, the United Nations Permanent Coordinator and UNDP Permanent Representative in our country Stefan Priesner and others said the wide-ranging reforms in the information realm carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov facilitate the further development and extensive introduction of ICT to all sectors of the economy and social sphere. The adoption of the presidential resolution on June 27, 2013, concerning measures to further promote the national information and communication system of Uzbekistan, triggered the elaboration of a strategy for the development of information resources, systems and networks of our country for 2013-2020.

The ICT summit was organized by the Committee of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Information and Communication Technologies, the Coordinating Council for Computerization and Information-Communication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Communications, Information and Telecommunications Technologies, the Association of Enterprises and Organizations of Information Technologies of Uzbekistan as well as the publication ICTNEWS.

From one year to another, the ICT summit has been marshaling a mounting interest of both national and international experts. It is backed also by the participation of more than 500 delegates from Uzbekistan and foreign nations, including South Korea, Japan, Estonia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, among others.

Reports were presented along three thematic dimensions, namely, “ICT in the public sector”, “ICT in business”, “Internet and Information Resources”. During the general and panel discussions, leading experts of the market of high technologies, officials of government agencies, representatives of social and international organizations, chiefs and specialists of local and foreign IT companies deliberated on the pressing issues in the introduction of ICT to various sectors of economy and diverse walks of life of the society. The consideration included also issues concerning the strategy and evolution of IT industry, the improvement of technologies and infrastructure, elaboration of new applications and solutions.

Uzbek specialists expounded on the expertise in the formation of the system of electronic government in our country, peculiarities in the development of domestic network business, and discussed the introduction of ICT into various spheres of economy and social life, perfection of the system of information security and attraction of innovations for the startup of new promising projects.

An extended format of the summit grew to include delegates from South Korea. They delivered reports narrating the achievements in the field of ICT application in the public sector, and detailed other participants on the mutually advantageous cooperation with Uzbek partners in the sphere.

“The government support provided in the sector of high technologies in Uzbekistan opens up extensive opportunities for its further advancement,” President of South Korea’s LG CNS Kim Dae-Hoon has said. “The introduction of ICT into the most diverse of economy’s sectors is a bright example to illustrate this case. We hope for even greater cooperation with Uzbek colleagues and the elaboration of joint business projects.”

The summit has become a platform for specialists, government agencies and international organizations as well as the private sector to inquire into the state of affairs in the ICT market, get familiar with new achievements in the field, find new partners, and draw additional investment resources for the further introduction of ICT in our country.

Babur Abidov, photo by O.Mirsoatov, UzA
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