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Modern technologies increase productivity

31.10.17 15:16

Introduction of modern technologies in agriculture and food production significantly increases the yield of farmland, reduces the cost of growing fruit and vegetables, while improving its quality.

Examinations in a new specialized school

23.10.17 17:01

Entrance examinations were conducted in the Specialized School named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy with advanced study of subjects related to information and communication technologies, as the results of which the first students of this school will be selected.

Nanotechnologies serve to progress

18.10.17 15:54

Nanotechnologies serve to progress

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a seminar on “Prospects for the development of nanotechnologies in Uzbekistan”.

Enjoy Wi-Fi-equipped buses in Tashkent

02.10.17 16:11

Enjoy Wi-Fi-equipped buses in Tashkent

“Toshshahartranskhizmat” (“Tashkent city transport service”) JSC has recently launched the “Wi-Fi Bus” project. It provides Tashkent buses with Internet service via Wi-Fi.

New software product for the medical sphere

28.09.17 17:55

“BePro Programmers’ Center” implemented a new project – the Program for training of young programmers. 30 were selected of 150 people who passed the testing and interview stages, who were later trained at “BePro IT Academy” training center. – electronic official source

26.09.17 13:41 – electronic official source

Since September 25, 2017, the National database of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan ( has received the status of an official source of normative legal acts.

ICT Week: prospects and priorities

18.09.17 18:00

The traditional Week of information and communication technologies – “ICTWEEK Uzbekistan – 2017” has started in Uzbekistan. It will last until September 22 of this year and merge a number of events aimed at further improving the IT industry and presentation of the latest achievements in the field of communication and information.

Robotics competition will be held in Tashkent

13.09.17 20:06

On September 20-21, Uzbekistan will host “Central Asia Robot Challenge” (CARC) competition at Uzexpocentre for the first time. The championship will take place within “ICTWEEK Uzbekistan – 2017” and will become one of the most important events in the national sports robotics.

Young programmers’ forum

05.05.17 21:54

Young programmers’ forum

The “Forum of Young Programmers – 2017” has taken place at Guliston’s state university.

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