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Youths Advocate Healthy Information Environment

24.09.14 12:45

Youths Advocate Healthy Information Environment

As part of the Information and Communication Technologies Week, InfoCOM-2014, a ceremony has taken place at the Turkiston Palace in Tashkent to award the winners of MIT.uz national internet contest among youth.

Software Industry Forum and Exposition

23.09.14 16:26

Software Industry Forum and Exposition

Opening ceremony of initial events of the InfoCOM 2014 ICT Week, a forum of Uzbekistan’s programmers, and the BestSoft Uzbekistan 2014, a national exposition of software products, has taken place at the Palace of Youth Creativity.

Internet Festival 2014 Kicks off

17.07.14 10:47

Internet Festival 2014 Kicks off

The internet festival of the national domain UZ has started in our country. It is organized by the State Committee for Communications, Information and Telecommunications Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center for the Development and Introduction of Computer and Information Technologies UZINFOCOM and the magazine InfoCOM.UZ.

High Technologies to Enhance Business Capacities

27.03.14 14:11

The integrated trade platform Teclot.com has been presented in Tashkent at an official ceremony where the participants discussed issues related to instituting a single business environment with application of information and communication technologies.

Promising Projects of Youths

29.01.14 15:18

A particular significance is attached in our country to the effective use of the internet, modern information and computer technologies in education, as well as digital and broadband telecommunication means.

International Exposition of High Technologies

26.09.13 18:17

The international exhibition of information technologies ICT-Expo-2013 held as part of the annual ICT Week InfoCOM-2013 has opened at the exposition-trade complex Kurgazma Savdo Markazi.

ICT National Convention

25.09.13 15:15

The ICT Summit 2013 annual national session on information and communication technologies has taken place in Tashkent.

Winners of national internet festival announced

24.09.13 12:50

On the first day of the traditional annual “InfoCOM- 2013” Information and Communication Technologies Week the results of the.Uz national domain Internet Festival  were summed up in Tashkent.

Information security under reliable protection

12.06.13 17:28

Rapid development of information technologies, their further integration into all aspects of modern society leads to the need for information security and creating a system that can protect users from the existing cyber threats.

International criteria for ICT assessment

03.05.13 22:35

A round table talk, dedicated to implementing  international criteria for assessing information and communications technologies (ICT) was held in Tashkent.

Information technologies and educational process

18.12.12 22:50

A press conference, organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and devoted to the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in higher and secondary special education, was held at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan. It was attended by representatives of ministries, agencies, university staff, ICT professionals and journalists.


25.09.12 18:07

An awarding ceremony of the winners of the UZ. national domain internet-festival was held at the Youth Creativity Palace in Tashkent, which kickstarted the “INFOCOM-2012” - week of information and communication techologies.

Ucell Brand – Reliability and Quality of Communication

26.07.12 9:25

The dealers’ meeting of one of the leading mobile communication operators in Uzbekistan, working under brand Ucell, which took place in Tashkent, was devoted to improving the quality and range of services to subscribers. It was attended by the representatives of the mass media.

Karakalpak Stage of Computer Games Competitions Held

25.07.12 11:02

Karakalpak stage of the competition on computer games by the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” and the Center of Youth Initiatives “Kelajak ovozi” in order to increase the intellectual potential of young people was held.

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