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23.10.2009 18:16

World athletes to compete in Tashkent

On 24-28 October, Tashkent will host the world and Asian championship in belbogli kurash wrestling among adults and the continental championship among young athletes.

The championships will be held in the framework of the Fourth Traditional Martial Arts World Festival.

“Belbogli kurash as a national sport had developed from ancient times in more than 100 countries,” said president of Uzbekistan Belbogli Kurash Federation Rustam Isakov. “This is evidenced by archeological findings discovered in different regions of Asia, and particularly in Central Asia.”

Today belbogli kurash ahs evolved into a sport which is becoming known on the international arena. And the Uzbek school of fighting is considered one of the strongest in the world. Belbogli Kurash, inextricably linked with the culture of the Uzbek people, has for centuries been considered a national value.

As a result of extensive work on the revival of national values carried out in the country during the years of independence, belbogli kurash has received extensive development and now has an international status. The team of Uzbekistan officially participates in belbogli kurash world championships since 2005, and it has already proved to be one of the strongest in the world.

In competitions in Tashkent, about 500 fighters from more than 60 countries will take part. In addition, the world and Asian championships in freestyle and national types of belbogli kurash among men and women, and the continental championship among young athletes in freestyle and classic wrestling will be held here. Uzbekistan will be represented by 55 athletes.


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