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23.06.2018 11:28

Olympic Movement of yesterday and today

Sport is an ambassador of peace and harmony, friendship between nations and people. Sport brings nations and people together, generates healthy competition. The Olympic Games serve to such good goals.

The Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece as many as 3,000 years ago, were held every four years in Olympia in honor of the Zeus. The first written records of the ancient Olympic Games date to 776 B.C.

It would be another 1,500 years before the Games would rise again, largely thanks to the efforts of Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937) of France. Dedicated to the promotion of physical education, the young baron became inspired by the idea of creating a modern Olympic Games after visiting the ancient Olympic site. In November 1892, at a meeting of the Union des Sports Athlétiques in Paris, Coubertin proposed the idea of reviving the Olympics as an international athletic competition held every four years. Two years later, he got the approval he needed to found the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which would become the governing body of the modern Olympic Games.

Thus, on June 16, 1894, the first Olympic Congress was declared open in the auditorium of the Sorbonne University in Paris. Coubertin’s Olympic dream became a reality on June 23 when a resolution to revive the Olympic Games was adopted unanimously at the final meeting of the Congress. The Congress led to the establishment of the International Olympic Committee, of which Coubertin became general secretary and later president, and it was also proposed that the first modern Olympic Games would take place in Athens in 1896.

In 1947 during the 41st Session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm, a report on Olympic Day celebration was presented. The project was adopted on the occasion of the 42nd IOC Session in St Moritz in 1948, and on June 23, is established as the International Olympic Day.

In order to develop the Olympic movement in Uzbekistan and popularize sports among amateur athletes, as well as ensure participation of the country’s athletes in the Asian and Olympic Games, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan was established on January 21, 1992 and officially recognized at the 101st session of the International Olympic Committee, held in September 1993.

Uzbekistan’s sportsmen started their performance at the Olympic Games as independent sportsmen in 1996 in competitions held in Atlanta, the United States.

In order to widely promote the Olympic movement, attract the population, especially youth, to a healthy lifestyle through physical culture and sports, uniting compatriots through sports, the International Olympic Day is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan since 1992.

The National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan in connection with the International Olympic Day hosts sports events among the population, professional athletes and amateurs in all regions of the country. Master classes are organized with participation of famous athletes.

The resolution of the President of the country “On preparation of athletes of Uzbekistan for the XXXII Summer Olympic and XVI Paralympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan)” of March 9, 2017 serves as an important factor of thorough preparation and worthy participation of Uzbekistan’s athletes in prestigious international competitions.

Javokhir Tashkhodjayev, UzA
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