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02.07.2019 23:41

Olympic Day kicks off in Uzbekistan

Olympic Day kicks off in Uzbekistan
The Olympic Day, will be widely celebrated throughout the country during the week.

The final celebrations will be held on July 6. Mass sports events dedicated to this day are being held in different regions of the country.

On July 2, Ark architectural ensemble in Bukhara hosted a mass health event, which was attended by about ten thousand people, including Bukhara athletes, winners of international competitions. Participants formed the Olympic rings.

Uzbekistan is celebrating the Olympic Day for the first time. The main goal is to attract different segments of the population, especially youth, to mass sports.

The main events are scheduled for July 5-6. Folk festivals will end with a big gala concert with participation of pop stars, which will be held on July 6 at Humo Arena Multifunctional Ice Palace.

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