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01.02.2017 09:29

New sport school building

New sport school building In Mirobod district of the capital city Tashkent, a new building of a sport school for children and young people has been commissioned. The school specializes in games-based sports and field and track athletics.

The chief of the main directorate for culture and sports of the Tashkent mayor’s office, J.Matchonov, the hokim (governor) of Mirobod district, Sh.Qodirov, and others have said that in this country special attention is paid to making sure that a healthy lifestyle takes hold among its population, especially children, to ensuring the harmonious development of the younger generation and to further popularizing physical training and sports.

Now the school has a gym and a football field, shower and locker rooms. The school has been provided with sports equipment that meets modern requirements.

At the sport school for children and young people which specializes in games-based sports and field and track athletics, more than 750 sportsmen regularly train in various sports. 65 of them are members of Uzbekistan national teams. Trainees of this sport school have achieved high results in republican and international competitions. Bright examples of these are high achievements of Aleksandr Svechnikov and Sofiya Burkhonova in the XV Paralympic Games that took place in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016.

In this newly-built building of the school in Mirobod district, training in five sports can be done, and also sports competitions can be conducted on various levels.

“I train in football and tennis. The opening of this sports school in our neighbourhood will interest more young people in sports. Our goal is to increase our experience and ability and become good sportsmen defending the honour of our Motherland in various prestigious competitions,” says a pupil of the 6th grade of general education school No 263 in Mirobod district, Shohruh Latifjonov.

During the event, young sportsmen’s exhibition performances were shown in such sports as rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and Uzbek martial art.

Bayram Aytmuradov, photo by Yokin Shamsiddinov, UzA
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