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27.12.2017 15:32

Mirolim Mirzaydinov is ready for a superfight

The best sportsman and coach of our country in the MMA Mansur Tugizboyev will perform with his apprentice Mirolim Mirzaydinov at a major competition in mixed martial arts, which will be held in Kazakhstan.

On December 30, our compatriot Mirolim Mirzaydinov, in the weight category up to 57 kilograms, will fight with Bakhtiyor Nesipbek from Kazakhstan at the MMA competition, which will be held in Almaty.

– We are getting ready for this competition under the leadership of Mansur Tugizboyev. I know how Bakhtiyor acts in battle. Basically, he strikes accurate kicks from a great distance. However, I know how to act against him, – says Mirolim.

Javokhir Toshkhodjayev, UzA
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