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06.10.2009 11:29

Filippov wins in the Philippines

Uzbek grandmaster Anton Filippov won at the international chess tournament held in Manila, Philippines, where more than 50 players of over 10 countries contested.

Filippov, successfully playing through the nine rounds, scored 6.5 points in total. Having checkmated the representatives of the owners of the competition Edgardo Garm, Richard Bitun, Indian Nilotpal Das and Vietnamese Ting Hai Tao, Anton made a draw with Georgian grandmasters Merab Gagunashvili, Michael Mhedlishvili, Filipino Darwin Lailo, Vietnamese Ngos Son Nguyen and Kazakh Peter Kostenko.

Anton Filippov took the high places this season at prestigious tournaments in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and India, too.


UzA, Zohir Tashhodjaev,
6 375