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07.03.2017 21:29

Best amateur sportspersons determined in Samarqand

Samarqand Regional trade unions organizations have conducted Spartakiad on the slogan of “Sport is a guarantee of health” among employees of enterprises and establishments in the region.

In the town and district stages of this Spartakiad arranged for the purpose of popularizing sports among the population and thus propagating a healthy lifestyle, 4,500 employees competed in such sports as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess and checkers. 250 participants among them made it to the regional stage of the Spartakiad.

“A healthy lifestyle is the main thing for physical healthiness. And so it has become traditional for primary trade unions organizations to conduct sports competitions at enterprises and establishments. This Spartakiad is one of such competitions. Most of the participants in the sports events, which serve for healthiness, are women and girls. This promotes a healthy lifestyle in families and puts into practice the principle `healthy mothers give birth to healthy children’,” says the chairman of the regional trade unions association, M.Boboyorov.

In the chess and checkers tournaments among men and women H.Tursunov from Ishtihon District and D.Hasanova from Tayloq District took first place. In the table tennis tournaments a representative from Pastdarghom District, J.Ismoilov, and a representative from Tayloq District, H.Hamroqulova, won victories. In the badminton tournament, M.Nematov of Samarqand city and Ch.Pardayeva of Oqdaryo District achieved first place.

16 teams participated in the volleyball tournament among women. Women and girls working at establishments in Ishtihon District won the competition.

Winners in such nominations as “the youngest participant”, “the best amateur sportsperson” and “for will to achieve a victory” were also determined, and prizes were given to them.

Gholib Hasanov, UzA
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