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07.09.2011 10:15

Anastasia Serdyukova wins silver at Happy Caravan

The Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup series and the Happy Caravan rhythmic gymnastics international tournament are continuing in Tashkent.

In the all-round events of Happy Caravan, 17 athletes from Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Israel, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan competed in exercises with hoop, ball, tape and maces.

Anastasia Serdyukova from Uzbekistan won the silver medal of the tournament. Her composition with tape receives a score of 25.75, giving her the first place in this exercise.

She also showed the second result in hoop exercises, third in ball exercises and fourth in maces. Her total score was 100.45.


UzA, Zohir Tashkhodjayev, photo by Muhammad Amin
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