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Elmurod – Asian Champion!

19.04.13 22:14

Elmurod Tasmurodov brought the first gold medal to our team in the Asian Championship in freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling among adults being held in Delhi.

Lokomotiv on the lead

15.04.13 23:13

After the fifth round of the Uzbekistan national championship, all teams have managed to lose points.

Mashhurbek Wins Three Medals

08.04.13 20:59

Uzbek athlete Mashhurbek Yuldoshev won three bronze medals in the first day of the IV World Championship in weightlifting held among boys and girls at the sports complex "Uzbekistan".

Family of Sportsmen

05.04.13 12:56

Residents of Bukhara region Erkin Temirov and his wife Khosiyat are proud of their children-athletes.

Healthy Life – Happy Life

04.04.13 17:59

According to the World Health Organization, hypertension has become one of the pressing problems in the world. That is why, this year on the eve of the 7th April – World Health Day, many countries conduct events dedicated to the need to control blood pressure and reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

Demonstration of National Values

04.04.13 12:39

A press conference dedicated to the achievements of Uzbek jang sanati (Uzbek martial art) was held at the Republican Center of Martial Arts. The representatives of the federation, athletes and the members of the media took part in it.

''Sevinch'' Silver Medal Winner

03.04.13 19:05

In the international football tournament among girls being held in Moscow for the Cup of Chertanovo, ''Sevinch'' team of Karshi won the silver medal.

Sports News

03.04.13 16:29

In the Asian Chess Championship passing in Sharjah, Sarvinoz Qurbonboyeva in the fifth round checkmated Ayjarkin Chingiz kizi from Kyrgyzstan with the black pieces.

Bunyodkor keeps the lead

03.04.13 12:23

Bunyodkor, Uzbekistan Cup holders, hosted Chinese team Beijing Guoan at their home stadium in the third round of the Asian Champions League.