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Uzbek boxers win in Baku

27.04.10 20:48

More than 500 athletes born in 1992-93 are fighting for the ticket to Singapore Olympic Games at the juniors boxing world championship in Baku.

Amanmuradova’s first victory in 2010

07.01.10 17:17

Akgul Amanmuradova of Uzbekistan won her first victory this year at the WTA international tennis tournament in Brisbane, Australia, in which the world’s strongest tennis players are participating.

Sports Princess contest held

25.12.09 16:53

The Sport Princess 2009 contest winners were awarded in Tashkent on 24 December. The jury paid attention not only to sports achievements of the participants, but also to their activities in the social life and intellectual potential.

International jang kurash federation founded

19.12.09 11:03

The national sports like kurash, belbogli kurash, turon and ulak-kupkari are becoming more and more popular in Uzbekistan. This year, another Uzbek art of fighting called jang kurash joined this list.

Armwrestling Asian Cup held

01.12.09 12:14

More than 150 athletes from the countries of the continent participated in the Armwrestling Asian Cup held in Tashkent.

Hand-to-hand combat championship opens

12.11.09 16:36

The third Asian open championship in hand-to-hand combat started in Karshi. The event attracted athletes from Uzbekistan, India, Thailand, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, as well as countries of Europe and America.

AIBA Technical Committee meets in Tashkent

10.11.09 10:32

The Technical Committee of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) held a session in Tashkent. The meeting was organized in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan and the National Boxing Federation.

Uzbekistan wins 24 medals in Vietnam

09.11.09 21:33

The sports delegation of Uzbekistan returned from the third Asian Indoor Games held in Vietnam during 26 October – 8 November.

AIBA representatives meet in Tashkent

07.11.09 17:00

Meeting of the technical committee of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) gathered in Tashkent. The event is organized in collaboration with the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan and the Republican Boxing Federation.

Belbogli kurash championship ends

02.11.09 9:21

The world and Asian championship in belbogli kurash wrestling ended in Tashkent. They were held in the framework of the fourth World traditional sports martial arts festival.

World athletes to compete in Tashkent

23.10.09 18:16

On 24-28 October, Tashkent will host the world and Asian championship in belbogli kurash wrestling among adults and the continental championship among young athletes.

Tashkent Challenger 2009 ends

19.10.09 18:00

Denis Istomin of Uzbekistan and Marcos Bagdatis from Cyprus met in the final of the Tashkent Challenger 2009 international tennis tournament.