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Women’s tennis tournament "Tashkent open" starts

30.09.08 20:59

Traditional international tennis tournament of women “Tashkent open” started in the Republican Tennis School of Olympic Reserve. At the opening ceremony, it was noted that special attention is given by the President Islam Karimov to the development of sports and in particularly of tennis as an important field by forming, throughout the country, the necessary conditions for the spread of this sport, education of talented young athletes of a big racket.

Chess-player Rustam Kasymjanov publishes book

30.09.08 11:54

World chess champion Rustam Kasymjanov published a book “The magic world of chess” in Uzbek and Russian languages. The book includes 38 lessons teaching how to play chess. The publication is intended for a wide audience of readers – from school children to people of senior age. They books contains colored illustrations and author’s drawings.

Anuzar Yunusov becomes world champion

30.09.08 10:21

Uzbek sportsman Anuzar Yunusov earned two gold medals at world cup on summer biathlon in France. The athlete was the first to arrive to the finish in the 4- and 6-km distance among juniors and twice rose to the highest stage of the pedestal.

Abdullа Tangriev wins silver

30.09.08 9:15

Uzbek athlete Abdulla Tangriev successfully participated in the international judo tournament in Riga, Latvia. Tangriev won over all competitors and received a silver medal in the final.

National cycling marathon completes

30.09.08 9:10

National cycling marathon was held in Chirchik town of Tashkent region. 130 sportsmen took part in the competition organized in the framework of the Year of Youth state program.

Karolina Chyornaya reaches next stage

26.09.08 10:09

Players from Europe and Asia are participating in the international juniors tennis tournament in the Israeli city of Netanya. Uzbek tennis player Karolina Chyornaya, sown in the competitions among girls as No.2, played against Yekaterina Tour from Israel.

Beijing Olympics winners visit Aral Sea area

24.09.08 11:11

Participants of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games visited the Aral Sea area to meet the young people and representatives of the public. In Nukus, they familiarized themselves with the closed sports arena in the city center, as well as buildings where sport games Barkamol Avlod 2008 were held.

Gymnastics show held in capital

24.09.08 9:34

A show devoted to gymnastics winners of the Beijing Summer Olympics Anton Fokin and Yekaterina Khilko was held at the Tashkent gymnastics center Universal. The event was organized by the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Children’s Sport Development Fund under the Ministry of Education.

President of Uzbekistan meets Beijing Olympics winners

11.09.08 9:10

On 10 September, President Islam Karimov met sportsmen of Uzbekistan who won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. The head of the state said that shown results and achieved success was the victory of all Uzbek people, first of all, of the young people, who supported the athletes.

Yekaterina Khilko wins bronze at Beijing Olympics

19.08.08 10:14

Yekaterina Khilko won a bronze medal in trampoline a score of 36.90 at the Beijing Olympic Games. Khilko became the first Uzbekistan athlete to win an Olympic Games medal in trampoline. The number of medals won by the Uzbek athletes at the Olympic Games has made up three.

Uzbek athlete wins first medal at Beijing Olympics

09.08.08 18:06

Uzbek team won its first medal at the 29th summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Uzbekistan judo champion Rishod Sabirov scored victory over Dimitri Dragin of France in 60 kg weight category.

Rishod Sobirov of Uzbekistan wins bronze in Judo Men's -60kg

09.08.08 17:03

Athletes from Uzbekistan gained their first medal in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Rishod Sobirov of Uzbekistan threw Dimitri Dragin of France for a koka to win the bronze medal in Judo Men’s -60kg. Sobirov won a silver medal in the 2007 Asian Championships and a bronze medal in the 2007 World Military Championships. He was born in 1986 and his coach is G. Grigorvey.

Flag of Uzbekistan raised in the Olympic village

06.08.08 20:43

Sports delegation of Uzbekistan has arrived in the Olympic village in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Together with other countries participating in the summer Olympic games, the state anthem of Uzbekistan was played and the country’s flag was raised here. The Olympic village, which occupies 66 hectares, consists of 42 buildings accommodating 16,000 athletes from 205 countries.

Delegation of Uzbekistan ready for Olympic Games

02.08.08 15:18

Sportsmen of Uzbekistan, which will participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, laid flowers to the Monument of Independence and Humanism in Tashkent on 2 August. Games participants, trainers and representatives of the public attended the solemn ceremony, which took place at the Olympic Glory Museum.

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