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18.09.2017 17:00

Youth scientific expedition will be held in the Aral Sea area

On September 17-20, young scientists, tour guides, photographers, bloggers and journalists will stay in the Aral Sea area.

The “Development strategy” center together with the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan will conduct a youth scientific expedition in Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. 25 members of the expedition, living in the territory of the Aral Sea area for three days, will get acquainted with the real situation.

During the expedition, the participants, divided into groups of young scientists (ecologist, doctor, geologist, biologist), tour guides, young journalists and bloggers, will perform the corresponding tasks. In the end, each group will present a project or a product that will further serve the development of the region. Each group will be accompanied by an experienced expert.

The project is aimed at attracting attention of the general public to the current state of the Aral tragedy, further supporting the youth, leading scientific-research activities in the areas of biology, geology, ecology and further increasing their interest in profession. In addition, the expedition provides for an increase in the flow of tourists to the region, especially attraction of foreign guests in the areas of youth and extreme tourism.

The State program on implementation of the Strategy of actions in the “Year of dialogue with people and human interests” outlines measures such as development of effective ways of preventing the consequences of the Aral tragedy, creation and implementation of effective mechanisms of addressing the environmental problems that have arisen on this territory.

It is also planned to hold a press conference in Tashkent on the results of the expedition.

Bekhzod Bozorov, UzA
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