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02.05.2018 21:32

Youth is a backbone of the country

Youth is a backbone of the country An open day for students of secondary schools, academic lyceums and professional colleges under the motto “Protection of the Motherland is a sacred duty” was held at Andijan district military unit.

At the event, held on the eve of the Day of Memory and Honor by the regional departments of defense, public education, secondary special, vocational education, Council of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan for military-patriotic education of youth, increasing their interest in military profession, demonstrating combat potential of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan, students were informed about reforms carried out in the defense sector of the country, possibilities of modern military equipment, rules of using weapons.

Youth is a backbone of the country

Veterans of the Armed Forces told the youth about their life, military duty and military profession, that being defender of the Motherland is a very responsible and at the same time honorable duty.

At the event, students received detailed answers to their questions.

Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, photos by Zukhriddin Umurzokov, UzA
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