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16.08.2016 12:33:59

Youth Festival “Children of Independence” in Navoi

A Youth Festival “Children of Independence” under the slogan “My life, my destiny - my native, unique Uzbekistan!”, held in Navoi.

The event, organized in honor of the 25th anniversary of Independence of our Motherland together with the regional council of the Public Youth Movement “Kamolot”, departments of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Public Education, Culture and Sport Affairs, was attended by talented young men and women, who won in various competitions, subject olympiads and sports competitions.

At the event, it was noted that under the leadership of the President of our country special attention is focused on the full support of the younger generation, the creation of opportunities and conditions for the manifestation of their talent and potential.

As part of the festival an exhibition of drawings titled “My gift to the Motherland” was held in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Navoi. Presentations of innovative business ideas, various exhibitions were also held at the Youth Center.

Participants were given extensive information about successive reforms implemented in our country, the work in the field of openness and transparency of public authorities and administrations, improvement of the legal and judicial system.

Conditions created in the Museum of History of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (NMMC) and the new school building of the Navoi State Mining Institute attracted great interest of young people.

Youth Festival ended with concert program with the participation of well-known artists and young performers organized in a small amphitheater of Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after Alisher Navoi.