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11.07.2018 16:24

Youth entrepreneurship is an important issue

Youth entrepreneurship is an important issue
Republican working group led by the State Advisor on youth policy of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Chairman of the Central Council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan Kahramon Kuronboyev has arrived in Karakalpakstan.

Members of the working group are visiting cities and districts, becoming familiar with projects of youth in various directions and providing them with practical assistance in order to further improve activity carried out within the framework of implementation of Presidential Decree “On the State program “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz”.

In accordance with the decree, construction activities were defined on the terms of public-private partnership: “Yosh tadbirkorlar” co-working centers and “Yoshlar mehnat guzari” complexes. So, entrepreneur of Shumanay district Abbaz Djabbarbergenov was allocated land for construction on his own initiative.

About 573 thousand young people live in Karakalpakstan, 25 861 of them are unorganized youth.

Members of the working group are focusing on increasing the young people’s activities, supporting their initiatives, discoursing intellectual and creative potential, involving them in entrepreneurship. 

During the meetings, a list of children from low-income families, teenagers, who are on preventive registration in Internal Affairs bodies was formed, proposals were made on providing them with free vouchers to summer camps.

Such events are continuing in all districts and cities of Karakalpakstan.

Yesimkhan Kanoatov, UzA
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