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20.09.2017 22:59

Youth – country’s future

Youth – country’s future At the Karshi sergeant training school of the south-western special military district, an event has taken place on the subject of “Patriotically-minded young people – the country’s future”.

The event was arranged as part of the implementation of a Presidential decree dated 5 July 2017 on additional measures to raise the effectiveness of the state youth policy and to support the activity of the Uzbekistan youth union.

The event was attended by members of the regional department of the public council at the Ministry of Defence, senior officers of the military district, personnel of the sergeant training school, representatives of the Qashqadaryo Regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union, students of Karshi’s state university and those of the 1st academic lyceum that trains youths for entrance to military higher educational institutions.

It was said that in the years of independence, a modern mobile army that is although not large in numbers but still capable of reliably protecting the country’s security and stability and its people’s peace was formed.

Participants in the event familiarized themselves with conditions created for military training at the sergeant training school.

“The purpose of conducting military-patriotic events is to further strengthen young people’s love for the Motherland and ideas of independence. At the same time, at the secondary special vocational training establishments special attention is paid to further improving the system of pre-conscription training and broadly acquainting young people with the profession of defending the Motherland. By instilling such feelings in young people as love for the Motherland and devotion to duty, we create a guarantee of our peaceful life tomorrow,” says the chief of a section of the Karshi sergeant training school, lieutenant-colonel I.Mahmudov.

Olmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norqobilov, UzA
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