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15.08.2017 19:43

Young people – active participants in propagation events

In the “Ziyo” hall of ceremonies in Mirzo Ulughbek district of the capital city, honourable elders and mothers, active people of neighbourhoods and young people have gathered. During a lively and hearty conversation over a cup of tea, artiste Rihsi Ibrohimova and poet Shermurod Subhon said that peace, harmony and prosperity in this country are an important basis for family unity and the harmonious development of children.

Such propagation events on the slogan of “My love and devotion to you, my native Uzbekistan” taking place throughout the country in the run-up to the 26thanniversary of the independence of the Motherland are mainly conducted by the republican centre of spirituality and enlightenment.

In order to strengthen such feelings in people, especially young people, as a feeling of involvement in socio-political, economic and democratic reforms being conducted consistently in the years of independence and to explain to the population the need to cherish and safeguard peace and calm in the country, the centre of spirituality and enlightenment has formed propagation groups.

These groups consist of teachers of higher educational establishments, well-known writers and poets, culture officers and artists.

“Nearly 30 thousand people have taken part in spiritual enlightenment events held in neighbourhood centres, parks, fields, among personnel of factories and in summer holiday camps. The enlightenment events were held as part of the implementation of a Presidential decree dated 27 June this year on celebrating the 26th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It should be said that 60 per cent of those who participated in the events are representatives of the younger generation. To ensure young people’s such wide participation we are trying to hold more such propagation events among unorganized youths in distant areas,” says an official of the republican centre of spirituality and enlightenment, Sh.Honimov.

Malohat Husanova, UzA
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