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12.01.2018 11:45

Young Doctors Took Oath

Spiritual-enlightenment event under the motto «Future is our goal!» was held at Urganch Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy.

It was noted that the work aimed at providing population with high-quality medical services, strengthening material-technical base of medical institutions, increasing knowledge and professional skills of their employees, effective use of scientific achievements and modern technologies in detection and treatment of diseases is giving its significant results.

The quality of medical services is also being increased in Khorezm region, special attention is paid to the use of advanced technologies, prevention and effective treatment of diseases, training qualified personnel in all ares. Within the framework of this activity, Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy implemented a number of measures. Here, students are taught by nearly 200 professors and lecturers. Special attentiion is paid to further improvement of training highly qualifed personnel in various areas of medicine in accordance with international requirements and standards, strengthening educational and technical base, using future doctors' theoretical knowledge in practice.

At the event, 117 bachelors and 67 internship students took «medical oath» and vowed to work selflessly in the name of public healthcare.

- I' m going to start my activity in the medical assocation in Yangiaryk district, - says Jaloliddin Begmatov. - It is not only a pleasure, but also a great responsibility for me.Today, we took the oath as a sign of dedication to the profession. I'm proud that I've chosen the honorable profession and make my contribution to strengthening health of the population.

Performances of art figures and students gave a festive mood to the audience.

A.Shokirov, UzA
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