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05.05.2017 20:51

Winners of “Kamalak” knowledgeable children’s contest determined

Winners of “Kamalak” knowledgeable children’s contest determined The republican stage of the “Kamalak (rainbow)” contest has taken place in Namangan.

It was specifically said that under the leadership of the President good conditions had been created in this country for the younger generation to acquire modern knowledge and thoroughly learn modern professions.

It was also said that this care provided for the younger generation was producing great results.

This traditional “Kamalak” knowledgeable children’s contest is also of important significance to identifying talented young people and to giving them proper encouragement.

In this event arranged by the “Kamolot” public youth movement in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Culture 14 teams from the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, the regions and the city of Tashkent competed among themselves.

The participants displayed their knowledge in such areas as presentation, stage performance, questions and answers and social projects.

The “Nurafshon” team of the city of Tashkent achieved victory in the contest. The “Kamalak yoghdusi (rainbow aurora)” team of Surkhondaryo Region took second place, and the “Salohiyatli yoshlar (young people with potential)” team of Namangan Region took third place.

“Today more than 159 thousand children of our region are members of the `Kamalak’ children’s organization. Such events are especially important in terms of testing the knowledge of children, supporting their initiative, raising their social activeness and encouraging them to make efforts towards higher goals,” says Dilnoza Akromova, deputy chairperson of the Namangan Regional council of the “Kamolot” public youth movement.

Travel and cultural recreation programmes were arranged for the participants in the contest to visit Namangan town’s places worthy of attention.

Diplomas and memorable gifts were given to the winner teams.

Akramjon Sattorov, photo by Hotam Mamadaliev, UzA
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