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Volunteering and mentoring issues are discussed

Volunteering and mentoring issues are discussed
On February 15, GroundZero Kitob Olami will host a roundtable discussion on “Relevance of volunteering and mentoring in Uzbekistan as an effective method for human capital development”.

The event is held on the initiative of the founder of ConnectUz consulting company, a public figure, member of Buyuk Kelajak (Great future) Expert Council Kamilla Sultanova. The event is organized by GroundZero co-working center, founded in April 2017 and contributing to formation of an ecosystem of progressive entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan, acting as a reliable platform and comfortable space for business development.

Then event is attended by representatives of UNICEF, UNDP, state agencies responsible for legislation in recognition of functions of volunteering and mentoring in social sphere, private companies that have introduced volunteers in their structure and leaders of volunteer organizations.

Introduction of mentoring system in volunteerism is an effective method for further development of volunteers themselves, increasing social impact of projects. This contributes to sustainability of volunteer associations, creation of continuity system in volunteering. Projects, actions and events held in cooperation with volunteer centers in schools and universities contribute to solving social issues, improving citizen’s living standards.

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Irina Dolenko, UzA