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09.05.2018 10:04

Veteran was pleased

Veteran was pleased Representatives of the khokimiyat of Kashkadarya region, various state and public organizations, military personnel visited the participant of the Second World War Ivan Bekh, who lives in "Shohbekat" makhalla of Karshi city.

The meeting turned into a real holiday. Military equipment and songs of those years left an unforgettable impression. The veteran of the war Ivan Bekh was presented a monetary reward and valuable gifts on behalf of the President.

Veteran was pleased

– I worked in the military sphere for many years. I spent most of my life in Uzbekistan. This is my homeland, and I love my country very much. My children also grew up on this earth. Peace and tranquility prevail in our country, most importantly, we, the elderly, are respected and have all kinds of honors. For this we are very grateful to the Head of our state, – says Ivan Bekh.

Such events are also held in other districts of the region.

Ulmas Barotov, photos by Jamshid Norkobilov, UzA
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