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29.04.2009 09:54

Uzbekistan takes measures to prevent swine flu

Uzbekistan has taken measures to prevent the entry and spread of the swine flu on the country’s territory, chief state sanitary doctor Bahtiyor Niyazmatov told UzA.

According to the official, the measures the country has taken to prevent dangerous infections has proved its efficiency in the past. Thus, the threat of the bird flu and other infectious diseases was prevented.

Today Uzbekistan has direct air and land links with many countries and imports thousands of products from other states. This requires especial cautiousness of the workers of the state sanitary control services.

The new flu stamp H1N1 is a mutant virus, which is a hybrid containing the genes of the bird, swine and human flu. The infection may cause symptoms similar to ordinary flu, but in some cases may have more severe conditions, including toxic pneumonia.

The Health Ministry of Uzbekistan has worked out a special plan to prevent the new respiratory infection. High-quality specialists are participating in the monitoring of the situation and special trainings are being held for medical workers in all regions.

The virus laboratories across in the capital and regions have diagnostic means to timely identify the swine flu. In case of swine flu symptoms the patient will be isolated in the specially reserved rooms of infection clinics.

“There is enough anti-flu, symptomatic and disinfection medicaments, as well as individual protection means for medical personnel. Besides, disinfection work has been strengthened in crowded places, transport, kindergartens and educational establishments,” Bahtiyor Niyazmatov said.

Sanitary control points are functioning in the border crossing places, including airports and railway stations. They have been provided with additional special equipment and disinfection means, he added.

Besides, the Health Ministry has issued posters and brochures explaining precaution measures and organized meetings with specialists at residence areas, educational establishments, enterprises and organizations, the chief state sanitary doctor of Uzbekistan said.


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